Trvefrykt Booking presents: Colored Moth/Riot Spears/Canine

Unsere erste Show im neuen Jahr. Freut euch auf Noise Rock von Colored Moth und Grunge von Riot Spears. Wer auf Bands wie Fugazi, Unwound, Slint und Co abfährt, kann bei den beiden Berliner Kombos absolut nichts verkehrt machen. Support kommt mit Canine aus Frankfurt und liefert ebenfalls noisigen Krach.

Es wird natürlich wie immer auch Soli-Getränke und veganes Essen geben.

Einlass: 20:00 Uhr
Start: 21:00 Uhr


Line Up:

Colored Moth (90´s Post HC/ Noise Rock - Berlin)

"As the above descriptions probably suggest, DIM is an album that wears its influences on its sleeve. Colored Moth may not fashion sounds as original from their 90s post-hardcore/noise rock antecedents as Gouge Away, from their screamo influences as well as Birds in Row, or deploy their math rock grounding as effectively as Eva Bartok, but that doesn’t matter. The record does not ooze originality, but it is very pleasurable to listen to and a lot of fun. The playing is largely abrasive and the songs sound like they’d go down well in a live setting. The album doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it seems to be less interested in doing that with it than attaching it to a racer bike and having a bloody good Sunday morning ride-around on it. It’s not contributing anything especially new to a noise-punk scene currently awash with 90s-influenced bands, but it does boast skilful songwriting and musicianship, and that’s what counts."

"Regardless of the genre the trio are pursuing at the time though, DIM is one of the most unpredictable listens you will stumble across this year. Even in the moments where the record fails to land with any authority, such as on the drab Der Blinde Urmacher or the clumsily written whataboutism, this is still an effort that always strikes from left field."

"A lot like the themes of their songs, their music goes everywhere. You can’t really pin DIM down to just one genre, because there are no walls strong enough to contain these three Berlin guys. There’s a noise-rock matrix that sometimes falls into a kind of skramz mode, while at other times they’re like a post-hardcore band, whatever the hell that means in this day and age. I guess it means it’s hardcore after the fact, but they’re more than the sum of those parts, lacking nothing in identity."

"The album is very, very dualistic, even bipolar. On one hand we have this almost juvenile, rampaging critter, but on the other, there's this mature and thoughtful, oppressing but liberating being. There's a clear division between the two ends, which is why it also feels like a slam to your face each time. The flow isn't problematic at any point, but the unity feels a bit off, mainly during this one bigger, atmospherical shift. I can see the appeal to utilizing the installment approach on an album, albeit the transition is a bit curdled here. To end on a positive note, there's a great deal of beauty hidden in all this cacophony, and it's admirable. I'm surprised there hasn't been more buzz around this band lately, since "DIM" is something that should be more widely taken into account. Colored Moth doesn't reinvent the wheel here, but they show they can quite pleasantly roll it."

Riot Spears (Grunge/Sad Punk - Berlin)

Canine (Noise Rock/Mathcore/HC - Frankfurt)

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