Solidarity with Ukraine

bryozone is a Southern Ukrainian electronic musician, chillera band bass player, resident of label Muscut and co-founder of the festival ODS. Her signature sound is peculiar and textural, spiced with some enchanting vocals. It flexes and glints yet at the same time perches on a strong vertebra of confident rhythms and tangible patterns. Bryozone’s sonic caravan narrates about the synchronicity, concurrence of events, and the points of the time flow.

Helleroid: diving deep into psychodynamics, human nature, environmentalism and spirituality in their art practice, innovation and a daring attitude are also essential, as well as experimenting with sonic science and novel techniques; blending diverse influences from music, fine arts, technology, fashion, architecture, and cinema, helleroid guides listeners through the variety of sounds, rhythms, mystical spaces. slicing and transforming samples, using processed vocals, live instruments and field recordings in attempts to bring those cold multilayered immersive electronic soundscapes to life and make it more intimate with a voice telling stories from inner and outer worlds.

Aircraft - is a synth pop and dream pop project from Kyiv, currently based in Berlin. It exists for 12 years already with a wide audience and fan base all around the world. It's a one man band,
that has been successfully touring and represent his music on a different stages around the EU and beyond. Having 6 albums and a strong style, his music is a great example of underground tradition mixed with a pop-culture approach. Dreamy but expressive vocals, electronic grooves and wonderful guitars let you dive into special and hidden world of independent music scene.